Question Where can I buy OMMO APPAREL™ products?
AnswerYou can purchase at a OMMO APPAREL™ authorized dealers nationwide or at our online shop www.ommoapparel.com.
Question When will the products purchased at OMMO APPAREL™ WEB STORE be delivered?
AnswerIt is usually ships the day after your order. You can check the delivery status from the invoice number.
Question Can I ship overseas with OMMO APPAREL™ web store?
AnswerWe do not ship overseas.
Question Can I return or exchange products after purchase?
AnswerWe do not accept any returns or exchanges. However, we will accept returns and
exchanges for defects caused by our products. In that case, you will always need a receipt upon purchase. Please consult the store you made the purchase from.
Question I would like you to identify the real thing or a fake?
AnswerWe have not conducted any verification of authenticity. We do not know anything about items purchased outside of authorized dealers, so we recommend that you purchase at authorized dealers.
Question I want to know the release date of products?
AnswerPlease contact the store directly for the release of the new product.
Question How can I buy a product sold out at WEB STORE?
AnswerStores across the country may have inventory. Please contact the store for stock status.
Question Can I buy new products on their release dates by arranging with the stores?
AnswerIf congestion is anticipated, we will distribute the admission ticket by lottery.
Please contact the store in advance, as the lottery time varies depending on the store.
Question Is it possible to reserve products at a store?
AnswerWe do not accept reservations, but it is possible to reserve after product release.
Please contact the store.
Question Is mail order available at the store?
AnswerMail order by telephone is possible at authorized dealers of the whole country
Please call us for ordering method and stock status.